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Curing Hangovers – The Journey Begins

Hangovers… we all hate them. But isn’t there a way to prevent those head-splitting mornings from happening in the first place? Many I’m sure would make the argument to drink less or to stop drinking completely. But this section is about figuring out the best ways to prevent a hangover when a night of sobriety is just not an option.

There are hangover drinks, hangover pills, hangover patches, and many other products out there on the market designed to fight a hangover. The hangover pill method seems to make the most sense by far of the options out there right now. They fit easily in your pocket to take them on the go, they deliver the nutrients effectively, and they are the most cost-effective option.

With so many options out there for hangover pills there are some key ingredients to make sure to keep a lookout for. A hangover pill should have a good supply of B vitamins to keep energy levels high. These B vitamins also help mitigate the nausea symptoms that accompany a hangover. The other main vitamins a hangover pill should include are Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. All of these are depleted by alcohol and contribute to the dreaded hangover we all loathe.

Some other ingredients that have been scientifically proven to fight the symptoms of hangovers are prickly pear extract, milk thistle, dihydromyricetin and cysteine. The prickly pear and milk thistle will act as an anti-inflammatory helping to reduce the damage done to your liver when drinking.

I’ve been searching the web and found some promising pills to try. The ones I have ordered so far are Chaser, Sobur, Pretoxx, Blowfish, and Pregame. I’ll report back once I have had some time to try the different hangover cure pills out more and see what works best.

Is It Possible to Loose Weight While Enjoying Beer & Alcohol?

According to the guys behind the Burn Off Your Belly podcast, blog and community, it is more then possible to loose weight and get in the best shape of your life while still enjoying socialising and the occassional beer. There is some very good information on nutrition, excercise, mentality and more on burn off your belly, check them out today!

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Caipirinha - Brazilian National Drink
The Caipirinha is enjoyed by most Brazilians during Carnival, on the beach, in the countryside, and anytime or anywhere else people congregate.

Asian Flush Cure
I found this amazing resource recently for information and the best pills for getting rid of alcohol flush/asian glow, check it out if you are a sufferer.

Hangover Cure Trails
Hangovers… we all hate them. But isn’t there a way to prevent those head-splitting mornings from happening?